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Chulbuli Chachi- a name Ranjan gave after I made her

Ranjan,I miss you…

The last mail I got from Ranjan Kapur was on Jan 6th 2018.

And the last phone call was on Jan 19th 2018… a few days before he passed away.

I miss Ranjan and always will. He was a thorough gentleman with such childlike curiosity and energy. His Art Karkhana at Stream is legendary. And we continue to carry the tradition of keeping this karkhana alive with support from people like Arzaan and Brinda Miller.

Ranjan- I just want to thank you for getting me to do the coolest unconference on this planet. Not just getting me to do it but for trusting me, for giving me the freedom and for being such a caring person that you always were. Often I remember our conversations- you would always start calling me regularly, few weeks prior to Stream just to check how I was doing, if anyone was being mean to me or just to discuss things or topics , beyond Stream. I miss those conversations.

I remember we were going to meet a very senior guy to invite him to be the co-host with you ,maybe 3 years back. We met at Grand Hyatt, chatted for a while and then we got into your car- it was brand new red Mercedes. The entire distance that we travelled, you spent all the time taking about your car and its features and you were like a child, so excited and so happy. I miss that car ride with you.

You were one person who always operated from a point of abundance. There was never a lack of anything. There was never an ego and there was never any insecurity. You were an admirable leader and in your conversations there was always a pearl of wisdom. I miss the wisdom you had to offer.

You were such a foodie and owing to health issues, you were instructed to turn into a vegetarian. And all you could manage to eat were potatoes. Those days you seemed so upset and unhappy -just like a child who is forced to do things, he doesn’t want to. But every time you would come to our office, you’d be happy to eat the Masala Dosa. I. miss seeing you in our office.

I never cooked or made anything at the Stream Cookout till last year. And you always donned the chef hat and cooked up some of the most amazing rustic non vegetarian dishes. Though I never tasted what you made, I know it was a massive hit. And then last year I decided to participate in the cookout while you were not there. What I made was a hit and I know that…I. missed you for I couldn’t get you to try it.

There will be no stream where you will not be remembered …you in your loose brown sweater with pockets on either sides and in your plain single color pant walking around casually meeting anyone and everyone…taking your art karkhana very seriously and giving all the adults a chance to become children which is not easy. Last year you had requested that we get some kind of cover for the karkhana because it becomes very hot. Ranjan we organized the cover but you never came !!!

You probably have become the cover for all of us ,watching us from the heaven above.

I miss You, Ranjan…

And for those wondering ,who Ranjan was- he was a maverick who spent 40 years with Ogilvy and his last role was that of WPP Country Manager.



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